Monday, December 31, 2012

January 19 meeting

ANNUAL MEETING of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey
Saturday, January 19, 2012
New Jersey State Museum Auditorium
205 West State Street, Trenton, NJ

NJSM Compact Storage Tour 10:00 to 11:00 with Jessie Cohen, Registrar, NJSM Bureau of Archaeology and Ethnology (If you plan to attend please RSVP to Richard Veit by January 17th

Board Meeting 11:00 to 12:00

Lunch 12:00-12:30

12:30 President’s Welcome

12:45 Elections and Awards (Research Grants and Service Awards)

1:00  Kate Marcopul, NJ Historic Preservation Office, Reaching back and looking forward: New Jersey archaeology and the National Register of Historic Places.

1:30 Deirdre Kelleher, Temple University, Alley Life and the Immigrant Experience: The Urban
Archaeology of Elfreth’s Alley, Philadelphia.

2:00 Blair Fink, Temple University, Contact on the Jersey Shore: Insights from the West Creek Site (28OC45), Ocean County, New Jersey


3:00—4:00  Debating Middle Woodland, Fox Creek, and Jack’s Reef Archaeological Deposits , Jesse Walker, Michael Stewart, R. Alan Mounier and you!
See below for additional information on the Middle Woodland Debate
At the Eastern State Archaeological Federation meeting in October 2012, a session was devoted to the Jack’s Reef in the eastern Woodlands. Papers from the session and additions articles will be published in the 2013 issue of the Archaeology of Eastern North America. A presentation of Jack’s Reef research in New Jersey will be made by Jesse Walker as the final part of the end of January ASNJ meeting. After the presentation, the nature of Middle Woodland cultural as expressed by Fox Creek and Jack’s Reef material culture will  be discussed. Participation in this historic event is strongly encouraged. Prior to the ASNJ meeting, a draft of Jesse Walker’s Jack’s Reef article will be made available to those interested via email to facilitate the discussion. Please bring your thoughts, data, artifacts, and theories regarding the Middle Woodland to the ASNJ meeting. If you are interested in receiving a copy of Jesse Walker’s paper in early January 2013 send an email to

program is free and free parking behind the museum- see

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Save the Date January 19, 2013

Don't forget to save the date for our annual meeting January 19, 2013 at the NJ State Museum

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Annual Knap-In at Washington's Crossing State Park

MORNING HIKE: 9:30 AM TO 11:30 AM at SHEPHERD LAKE SECTION OF RINGWOOD STATE PARK, NJExploring the ruins of Windcap at Hilltop Farm.  Meet at 9:30 AM in the SHEPHERD LAKE parking lot, assembling near the foot of Mansion Road at the Chapel of St. Luke the Physician.  We will hike up Mansion Road to the ruins of Windcap and on our return look at ruins of various related buildings and the incursion of the Tennessee Gas pipeline, built in the mid 20th century and now proposed for expansion.  Good Hiking shoes required.  Guided hike led by Nancy L. Gibbs, historian, NJHHS.
AFTERNOON PROGRAM: 1:00 TO 4:00pm at Sterling Forest State Park, Lautenberg Visitors Center, Lower Level Carol Siri Johnson, Ph. D., NJHHS, presiding
1:00 PM-1:25 PM: “An Analysis of Pigments from Wall Paintings in Dutchess Quarry Cave Number One.”  Kevin Olsen, Montclair State University, Eric Dratch and Edward J. Lenik, Inc. Orange Co. Chapter, NYSAA.
1:25 PM-1:50 PM “A Cluster of Stone Tools on the Lower Hudson.” John Phillips, Inc. L. A. Brennan Lower Hudson Chapter, NYSAA
1:50 PM-2:15 PM “Summer Indians: Native American Inspired Activities in U.S. Children's Camps.” Susan Scher, LCSW
2:30 PM-2:55 PM “Iona Island: Native Americans, Dutch, Viticulture, Amusement Area, U.S. Navy Munitions Depot.” Donald (Doc) Bayne, President, F.S.F.
2:55 PM-3:20 PM “Nazis in the Highlands.”  Tom Riley, Retired Bloomingdale, NJ educator, Adjunct Professor, Sussex County College
3:20 PM-3:45 PM “Industrial Scenes Along the Hudson.” Charles G. Berkemeyer, NJHHS

Friday, August 10, 2012

Portland Place Dig, August 11, 2012

Dear Friends,

  Tomorrow is our public archaeology day at Portland Place in the Navesink section of Monmouth County.  Students in Monmouth University's Archaeological Field School have been working at the site for the last four weeks.  They have unearthed the remains of what appears to be a 19th-century kitchen, and several sheet middens dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

  Visitors are welcome from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  All participants must sign a waiver of liability.  If you plan on staying for the day please bring your own water and lunch.  If you have a trowel bring it.

  The site is located at 220 Hartshorne Road in the Locust section of Middletown-07760.  A map showing the location is available through this link

  If you have any questions please contact Richard Veit 

All the best,

Rich Veit

Friday, June 29, 2012

Date change for dig day at Portland Place

At the request of Monmouth County Parks and Dr. Veit, we are changing the volunteer day from July 21 to August 11. To sign up or for more information, go to:

Reminder -- Do Not Use Cranbury P.O. Box

ASNJ members make note, do not use the Cranbury P.O. box, send membership info., renewals and checks to Allison Gall (membership VP) or Michael Gall (treasurer) at: 119 South Main Street, Medford, NJ 08055

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Volunteer Dig Day July 21

Portland Place, Navesink, NJ Monmouth University's Portland Place field school every Saturday July 14-August 18. ASNJ dig day is on July 21 but you can volunteer any Sat. To sign up for July 21, go to:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The time is approaching for our May 5th Cinco de Mayo party 1-5 pm at the beautiful Merchants and Drovers Tavern Museum in Rahway. We will feature a talk by Dennis Bertland at 2pm, Rich Veit cemetery tour at  3:30 pm, identify your artifact, artifact displays, kids activities, and refreshments. It will be informal - come when you like and stay as  long as you like. Feel free to bring artifacts to display or to ask about. The party is free; donations are requested to support the ASNJ research fund.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Dear Friends,

The ASNJ has sold out of CDs. We will let you know when they become available again. Sorry about any inconvenience.

Rich Veit

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Field School Opportunity

March Meeting

The March meeting of the ASNJ will be held on March 17th at East Jersey Old Town. Here is the preliminary program.

An Uncommon Treasure: Search for Municipal Buildings in the 17th-Century Piscataway Town Commons

Presented by Michael J. Gall, Archaeological Society of New Jersey

The Bones of Saint Peters: Forensic Analysis of a collection of early colonial skeletal remains from Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Amy Raes and Richard Veit

“Injured by a shot”: A Society Revealed in a Cache of Eighteenth Century Perth Amboy Documents

Mark Nonestied – Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission

Preliminary Interpretations from the African American community of Timbuctoo, NJ
Presented by Christopher P. Barton, Temple University

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan. 21 meeting

Thanks Rich! In addition to a new president, a new slate of officers was elected.

President-Ilene Grossman-Bailey
1st VP- Dave Mudge
2nd VP, membership -Allison Gall
3rd VP, programs-Rich Veit
Treasurer-Mike Gall
Members at large (2012-2014)
Kathy Shubert
Poul Graverson
Tony Bonfiglio
Watch site for updated contact info for board members.

Please put these upcoming events on your calendar:
March 17, 2012 meeting at East Jersey Olde Towne in Piscataway
May 5 party, details TBA
May 12 New Jersey History Fair, Washington's Crossing
May 19 meeting, details TBA

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January ASNJ Meeting

A special thanks to all the hearty souls who braved the cold and snow to attend the ASNJ meeting. Congratulations to President Ilene Grossman Bailey on the start of her term and to all of the new officers. Thanks as well to Greg Lattanzi, Michael Stewart, George Pevarnik, Jack Cresson, Suzanne Harris, and Michael Gall for their presentations. The New Jersey State Museum is also thanked for sharing its outstanding facilities.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow day Saturday

The meeting is on! We won't cancel unless the museum closes and roads are shut down. Hope you can make it! Check our Facebook page for updates.