Saturday, August 31, 2013

ASNJ Meeting, October 19 at Feltville/The Deserted Village

OCTOBER MEETING (October 19, 2013)

10:00-12:00  Walking Tour of Feltville/The Deserted Village led by Archaeologist Matt Tomaso

12:00-12:45   Lunch and Board Meeting (Maskers Barn) Bring Your Own Lunch

1:00 Opening Remarks and President’s Welcome

Lecture Series

1:15-1:45:  “How Different World-views Constructed the History of a Little Village in Union County: Archaeology and Community Identity at Feltville/Glenside Park.” Presented by Matt Tomaso (PS&S Consulting)

1:45-2:15:  Discovering 19th Century Lifeways in Rahway, New Jersey: The Peace Tavern – Woodruff House Site (28-Un-42). Presented by Brock Giordano (Dewberry Consulting)

2:15-2:45:   New Jersey Becoming the Garden State: Archaeological Evidence for Late 19th Century Foodways in Union County. Presented by Adam Heinrich (Monmouth University)

2:45-3:15:  Reexamining the South Beach Site on Staten Island:  Home of a Dutch Patroon or his Lenape Neighbors?  Presented by Rich Veit (Monmouth University)