ASNJ Research Grant


Note:  ASNJ has not received any applicants for this fund since 2014! This money is available to any applicant who intends to use the fund for a research project. Please contact Jack Cresson if you have any questions.

Since 1976, the ASNJ has provided research monies for worthy projects that benefit or contribute to the advancement of Prehistoric or Historic knowledge in the New Jersey and its’ environs. Since that time this program has underwritten dozens of research projects that have enriched archaeological, historic and scholarly endeavors. In 2008 the Society increased the Grant amount from $500 to $750 of potentially available monies to each applicant. Applicants must be ASNJ members in good standing and are encouraged to write for a more complete explanation of what is covered under the Grants Program, as well as a fuller description of guidelines and requirements.

The 2017 annual application deadline is June 26.

Send inquiries to:

Jack Cresson, 40 E. 2nd Street Moorestown, N.J.08057 or