The Archaeological Society of New Jersey has its own e-mail listserv. This listserv is a platform whereby all members of the Society can interact with each other, as well as members from the archaeological community. 

This is a meeting place for people interested in the archaeology of New Jersey and surrounding areas of the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic U.S.  Professional and amateur archaeologists, historians, and any other interested parties are welcome to join!   The mailing list is an open forum for discussion of current events, research, job and volunteer opportunities, historic preservation issues, and general ideas relating to the prehistory, ethnohistory, and history of the Garden State. 

Membership in this list is not limited to active members of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey - it is open to all.   It is hoped that list participants will be encouraged to join the Society.

To join the ASNJ e-mail list please go to and search for asnj or
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