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The society issues two publications, the Bulletin and the Newsletter.  The Bulletin contains articles and site reports by a variety of scholars.  The Newsletter deals with notes of current interest to Society members.
The following is a list of ASNJ Bulletin Back Issues available for purchase.

Volume 1: Bulletins 1-33 (1948-1976)
Volume 2: Bulletins 34-53 (1977-1998)
Volume 3: Bulletins 54-62 (1999-2007)
Volume 4: Newsletters 1-99 (1940-1976)
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Bulletin #31, 32, 34 - $2.00 each

Bulletin #34 - $2.00
The Owasco corded Collar and Related Pottery Types of the Upper Delaware Valley (Staats)
Ceramic Triangular Points in New Jersey (Morris)
The Miele Site, 28-Mo-8 (Hall, Jr.)
The Lerro Farm Site: An Exercise in Cooperative Archaeology (Blenk)
A Birdstone from Salem County (Blenk)
Stone Face (Cover Design) (Kraft)

Bulletin #38 1982 (32 pp.) — $2.00    AVAILABLE

Bulletin #39 1986 (20 pp.) — $2.00    AVAILABLE
The Edmunds Rock Shelter (Hotchkin)
The Sheffield Playground Site (Edward Lenik)
A Turtle Effigy Pot from the Minisink (Staats)
Rare Clay Beads from the Dark Moon Site (Hartzell)
A Burial from Central New Jersey (Larry Randolph)
An Unusual Spearthrower Weight from Hunterdon County (Petrosky)
The Repauno Biface Cache: A Functional Analysis of A Portion of the Lammot Du Pont Indian Artifact Collection (Jay Custer)

Bulletin #42 AVAILABLE

Bulletin #45 AVAILABLE

Bulletin #46 1991 (117 pp.)  — $2.00       AVAILABLE
An Effigy Face from Lake Hopatcong (Herbert C. Kraft)
Patterns of Lithic Resource Selection in the Highlands Region of Northern  New Jersey and Southeastern New York (Edward Lenik)
A Chisel-like Tool from the Middle Delaware Valley (Staats)
An Unusual “Chopper” from the Plenge Site, Warren County (Staats)
Prehistoric Cultural Resources at the Old Barracks, Trenton (Martin
The Furnace Brook Rockshelter, Warren County (Staats)
Shadows of a Changing Culture: Middlesex County Gravestones 1687-1799 (Veit)
Current Research on Soapstone Vessels (Truncer)
A Miniature Slate Pendant from Warren County (Staats)
A Chipped Adze from the Upper Delaware Valley (Staats)
The Trenton and New Brunswick Straight Turnpike: Mile Marker No. 9 (Bello)
The Horsehead Coppers of New Jersey (Veit)
Early Prehistoric Cultures and Interior Site Settings in Southern New Jersey (Stewart)
Salisbury and Goose Island Revisited: An Examination of Edge Wear on Blade-like Flakes from Coastal Regions of Southern New Jersey (Staeck);
An Archaic Adze from the Musconetcong Valley, Hunterdon County (Staats)
The Manufacture, Use and Resharpening of Argillite Stone Tools: An Experimental Study (Pagoulatos)
Simple Winged Imperforate Spearthrower Weights (Staats)
Archaeological Investigation of the Hopper Gristmill (28Be177), Bergen County (Charles A. Bello and Richard Grubb)
White-Tailed Deer Behavior and Archaeology (Cavallo)

Bulletin #47 1992 (97 pp.) — $2.00      Check Back Soon
Indian Petroglyphs on the Passaic River (Edward Lenik)
A Spearthrower Weight from Warren County (Staats)
A Hybrid Owasco / Unami Pottery Vessel from the Upper Delaware Valley (Staats)
Of Fish, Nets, and Sinkers (Kraft)
Photographic Record Log (Bello)
“Born a Slave, Died Free:” The End of Slavery in New Jersey (Veit)
Charles Conrad Abbott: Associations with the Peabody and the Museum of Archaeology and Paleontology (Horan)
Teedyuscung’s Youth and Hereditary Land Rights in New Jersey: The Identification of the Unalachtigo (Becker)
Late Woodland Miniature Pottery Vessels from the Upper Delaware Valley (Staats)
Late Woodland Whetstones from the Upper Delaware Valley (Staats)
A Steatite Spearthrower Weight from Ocean County (Bello)
Delaware Indian Humor (Rementer)
A Platform Pipe from Morris County (Kraft)
A Warning to “Friends of Government:” A Note on Psychological Warfare along the 18th-Century Hudson-Delaware Frontier (Grumet)
A Late Woodland “Heirloom” from the Trenton Area (Stewart)
Three Adena-related Artifacts from an Alleged Gloucester County Burial Site (Bello)
A Wooden Cup in a Brass Kettle (Kraft); A Pahaquarra Folktale (Veit)
Traces of Paleo Man on the Upper Passaic River (Hall)
An Unusual Stone Axe Head from the Upper Delaware Valley (Staats)
Vestiges of Early Man in the Great Meadows Area, Warren County, New Jersey (Staats)

Bulletin #48 1993 (81 pp.)  — $2.00     AVAILABLE
Dr. Charles Conrad Abbott, New Jersey’s Pioneer Archaeologist (Kraft)
Excavations at the Burr/Haines Site, Burlington County (Cosans-Zebooker and Thomas)
Shield-shaped Spearthrower Weights (Staats)
The Grant House Kitchen Excavation, Salem, New Jersey (Morris)
A Spearthrower Weight from Burlington County (Staats)
Three Unusual Stone Weights from Gloucester County (Bello)
Iron Gravemarkers in the Pine Barrens: Unusual Products of a Forgotten Industry (Veit)
The King of New Jersey (Grumet)
Pahsahëman—The Lenape Indian Football Game (Rementer)
A Re-evaluation of a Perforated Ceramic Discoidal from Salem County (Mason)
The Ackerman Sawmill Site, Franklin Lakes (Goudsward)
Connecticut Origins for Some Native Americans in New Jersey During the Early Historic Period: Strategies for the Use of Native American Names in Research (Becker)
An Update on a Fluted Point from Northwestern New Jersey (Staats)
Two Unique Pipes from the Abbott Farm (Bello)
Early Man in New Jersey: The Big Game Hunter? (Staats)
British Registry Marks (Liebeknecht)
Pierre Eugène Du Simitière (c. 1736-1784): A Colonial Archaeologist (Veit)
The Minisink Site: A National Historic Landmark (Kraft)

Bulletin #49 1994 (113 pp.)  — $2.00       AVAILABLE
Unmasking the Walam Olum: A 19th-Century Hoax (Oestreicher)
Re-emergent Tradition Among the Lenape/Delaware Indians (Kraft)
A 1707 Account of the Shawnees on the Delaware (Grumet)
Reaffirming the Sovereignty of the Delaware Tribe of Eastern Oklahoma: Summary of the Legal Status of the Delaware Tribe of Indians (Carrigan and Chambers
A Visit to the Meeting House (Sumpter)
Rethinking the Abbott Farm: Oral Tradition, Context, and Historic Perspective (Stewart)
Archaeology Gone Awry, or A Frustrated Anthropologist at the Port Mobil Site (Kraft)
Aspects of a Model for the Study of Late Woodland Horticulture, Villages, and Population Dynamics (Moeller)
The Pros and Cons of Surface Collecting (Staats)
Contact Period Artifacts from Burlington County, New Jersey in the Collections of the University Museum (Veit)
Obituary Notice - C.A. Weslager (1909-1994) (Kraft)
Two Unusual Indian Smoking Pipes from Southern New Jersey (Bello)
New Information from an Old Source: Notes on Adam the Indian’s May 11, 1653 Testimony in the New Plymouth Colony Records (Grumet)
The Probable Use of the Elongated Pebble Tool as a Flint Chipping Implement (Solecki)
A Lenape Family Named Thompson (Rementer)
An Intact Pottery Vessel from the Upper Delaware Valley (Staats)
Stratigraphic Sequences and Archaeological Sites in the Delaware Valley: Implications for Paleoenvironmental Change in the Middle Atlantic Region (Stewart)
Making a Stone Axe (Staats)
The Dark Moon Site, Sussex County (de Vries)
An 18th-Century New Jersey Connection: Percivall Towle and Thomas Scattergood (Thomas)
A Hematite Celt from Hunterdon County (Bello)

Bulletin #51 1996 (81 pp.) —$5.00    AVAILABLE
Mammoth Frauds in Archaeology (Kraft)
A Plain Munsee Vessel (Staats)
A Middle Woodland Effigy from Cheesequake, Middlesex County, New Jersey (Bello and Stewart)
The Ware Site Ceramics: A Proposed Chronological Sequence (Morris, Reed, Karageanes, and DiGiugno)
J.F.H. Autenrieth’s “Description of a Short Walking Tour in the Province of New Jersey . . .” [A Report from 1795 about the Brotherton Reservation] (Kammler)
Two Decades of Radiocarbon Dating from the New Jersey Shore (Stanzeski)
Indian Artifacts Salvaged During Construction of New Jersey State Highway No. 46, Columbia, Warren County, New Jersey (Staats) 
A Probable Middle Woodland Burial from the New Jersey Shore (Bello)
The Minisink Site as Sacred Space (Edward Lenik)
The Wreck of the Side Paddle Wheel Steamboat Excelsior (Cox)
Archaeologia Nova Caesarea Nuntius Notabilis et Miscellanea (Bello and Kraft)
A Call to Artifacts by Charles Conrad Abbott (Veit)
Relics of the Mound Builders — The Bones of Buffaloes and Human Beings Unearthed in New Jersey (Fountain)
Shell Heaps of the Shrewsbury River, N.J. (Fountain)
A Pre-Columbian Dinner (Abbott) 
An Early/Middle Woodland Archaic Marl Biface from Monmouth County (Bello)
Aboriginal Human Remains from Osborn Island, New Jersey (Ubelaker)
The Minisink Island and Miller Field “Upside-down” Pendants: Two Uniquely Similar Effigies from the Upper Delaware Valley (Bello and Staats)
A Battered Cobble Artifact from the Upper Delaware Valley (Staats)
Letters to the Editor; Tubular Spearthrower Weights (Staats)
An Unusual Adze from Warren County, New Jersey (Staats)
Obituary Notice — Dr. Hilborne T. Cresson 
Two Adena-related Bifaces from Gloucester County (Charles Bello, Richard Veit and Jack Cresson)

Bulletin #52 1997 (113 pp.) — $10.00       Check Back Soon
Archaeological Data Recovery Avalon Golf Resort and Country Club, Middle Township, Cape May County, New Jersey (Mounier);
Turkey Swamp Effigy Face (Bello)
We’ve Got Thousands of These Here Too!: Significance Assessment and Farm Archaeology in New Jersey (Burrow)
European Museum Collections of North American Ethnographic Materials: The Vatican Museum Holdings from the Delaware Valley (Becker)
The Probing Rod (Carman)
The Savich Farm Site: An Archaeological Survey for Phase 1 of the Long-Term Management Plan (Ian Burrow)
A Small Overseas Chinese Collection from the New Jersey Pinelands (Veit)
Black and Dirty Work: Archaeology Amidst the Relict Charcoal Kilns of Southern New Jersey (Mounier)
A Meadowood Cache from the Rancocas Creek Drainage, Burlington County (Bello, Cresson, and Veit)
An Early 19th-Century Canal Boat Wreck in the Delaware River (Cox)
Archaeologia Nova Caesarea —Nuntius Notabilis et Miscellanea (Bello and Kraft)
Are There Relics of Man in the Trenton Gravels? (Abbott)
Wampum (Adams)
Correspondence [to the Editor of the Archaeologist:] (Abbott)
Wampum Belts (Beauchamp); Relics of the Manhattan Indians (Calver)
Cupped or Pitted Stones (Fountain)
Cupped or Pitted Stones [Part II] (Fountain)
Untitled Note (Abbott)
Untitled Frontispiece (Schrabisch)
The Maurice River Shell Tool Complex (Brett)
Notes on Polypore Fungi as Coal Extenders (Mounier)
Eastern Hardwoods in Percussion Flaking (Cresson)
Varieties of Imperial Hispanic Silver Coins Used in America (Parris)
The Savich Farm Site Cremations, Burlington County, New Jersey (Ubelaker)
Human Skeletal Remains from the Pennella Site, Ocean County, New Jersey (Ubelaker)
Temple University’s Archaeological Excavations on Hendrick Island, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Stewart)
Letters to the Editor; Reply to Harry Monesson Regarding the Walam Olum (Oestreicher)
Walnford Park Broadspear Extraordinaire (Bello)
An Adena “Leaf-shaped Blade” from Salem County (Bello, Cresson, and Morris)
A Polished Adze from Hunterdon County, New Jersey (Staats); A “Ritually Killed” Platform Pipe from New Jersey (Bello and Veit)
An Exceptionally Large Prehistoric Knife from Southeastern Monmouth County (Bello)
An Obsidian Biface Found “Near Paterson” (Bello)
A Sharpening Stone from the Pequest Valley (Staats)
A Selection of Spearthrower Weights from the Savich Farm (Regensburg and Bello)

Bulletin #53 1998 ( pp.) — $15.00         AVAILABLE
The Status of Late Woodland Research in the Delaware Valley. pp. 1-? (R. Michael Stewart) Data Recovery at the Sickle Farm Site (28Mo192), Monmouth County, New Jersey (Thomas, Hoffman, Sahady)
Archaeological Monitoring of the Buccleuch Mansion Fuel Oil Spill and Remediation, New Brunswick, New Jersey (Bello and Veit)
Small Things, Considered Closely (Mounier)
Mehoxy of the Cohansey Band of South Jersey Indians: His Life as a Reflection of Symbiotic Relations with Colonists in Southern New Jersey and the Lower Counties of Pennsylvania (Becker)
The Rosenkrans Site, An Adena-related Mortuary Complex in the Upper Delaware Valley, New Jersey (Kraft)
Archaeologia Nova Caesarea — Nuntius Notabilis et Miscellanea

Bulletin #54 1999 ( pp.) — $15.00     AVAILABLE
Native American Fishing in the Delaware Valley (Stewart)
The Fair Lawn / Paterson Fish Weir (Lutins and DeCondo)
Archaeological Data Recovery Investigations at the Derewal Prehistoric Site, Hunterdon County, New Jersey (Burrow, Thieme, Liebeknecht, Schudenrein)
A Brief History of Investigations at the Tuckerton Shell Mound (Mounier)
Cash Cropping by Lenape Foragers: Preliminary Notes on Native Maize Sales to Swedish Colonists and Cultural Stability During the Early Colonial Period (Becker)
Historical Archaeological Sketch of the Atlantic Brick Manufacturing Company Works at
Mays Landing, Atlantic County, New Jersey (Mounier)
"The Best Lights on the Coast of the United States": Archaeological Insights into the Construction and Demise of the Original Navesink Light Station (1828-1862) (Veit)
The Environmental Basis of Prehistoric Occupation on the New Jersey Coastal Plains (Mounier)
"A Unique and Valuable Historical and Indian Collection": Charles Conrad Abbott Explores a
17-Century Dutch Trading Post in the Delaware Valley (Veit and Bello)
Archaeologia Nova Caesarea — Nuntius Notabilis et Miscellanea

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