Sean Bratton Memorial Fund

Sean Bratton Memorial Research Fund
The Sean Bratton Memorial Research Fund will celebrate the life and contributions of Sean Bratton, an outstanding field archaeologist and mentor, who enjoyed hearing about regional research and applying insights from new research to his own work. The fund will provide up to two (2) yearly research grants/scholarships to students or working professional archaeologists who are conducting original archaeological research on New Jersey topics. Assuming sufficient funds are available and if there are appropriate applications, one grant will be awarded for research based in prehistoric archaeology and one grant will be awarded for research based in historic archaeology. Applicants should be ASNJ members in good standing on the student or individual level. Each grant will consist of $400.00 to support original research, publication of the results of research in the ASNJ bulletin, presentation to the ASNJ within a year of the award, and presentation to a regional conference as applicable. The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis by the grant committee set up for this research fund.  
The grant will be awarded annually at the society’s October meeting and will be announced in the newsletter and social media. The grant committee will solicit applications from undergraduate and graduate students and young professionals employed in the region. The application will include a brief cover letter summarizing the  proposed research, a CV, and at least one letter of recommendation from a professor, supervisor, or associate. Grant applications will be due via email to prior to the May ASNJ meeting (3rd Saturday in May) and will be awarded by the following October to allow the grantee to submit abstracts to regional conferences. Grantees will present their research to a meeting of the ASNJ by the following January or when scheduled by the program chair.
The grant committee will include the current ASNJ president, the immediate past president,  and select ASNJ members and supporters who understand Sean’s love of good archaeology and who will encourage and support the advancement of archaeological research in the state. The committee will meet in May once the grant applications are received  to review grant applications (or meet virtually via the internet). Beginning with donations from ASNJ members and Sean’s friends and family, the fund will seek additional monies from grant sources and regional cultural resources management firms and agencies, and hold fundraisers to underwrite the grant funds.   The Sean Bratton Memorial Research Fund money will be held in a separate fund that will be under the supervision of the ASNJ treasurer.  The fund should be in an interest bearing account set up in agreement with the executive board and treasurer.
The ASNJ is a registered nonprofit and  New Jersey registered charity.