Social Media Policy

This policy was last updated in February of 2017 and was modeled after a similar policy established by Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA 2015).

Over the past few years, ASNJ has built an online presence through the use of social media. Today, we have a website, Twitter, and Facebook. We want to encourage all ASNJ members, followers and institutions to engage with ASNJ through these various digital mediums for personal use. However, we do request that you do not use our posted content to market your own commercial activities or events without requesting permission from the ASNJ board in advance. Otherwise, feel free to share, tweet, tag, comment and re-post our content.

Use Social Media to Engage with ASNJ:
  1. Catch Up with What’s Happening: We have a Facebook Page and Twitter Account, remember to Like and Follow Us
  2. Start Communicating: use #ASNJ to engage with us on Facebook or Twitter
  3. Share Your Adventures: Let us know when you engage with history and archaeology. Do this by posting content on our Facebook Page or tweet to us from Twitter. Remember, use our #ASNJ hashtag.
Lecture Series and Events:
We rely on social media to spread the word about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.
What we’ll be doing
  1. Announcing special events: We’ll send out reminders about meetings, our quarterly lecture series, artifact shows and other public outreach events. Reminders will be posted to Facebook and Twitter, details for events will be provided on our website.
  2. Special Announcements: If something is relocated, delayed, or canceled, we will announce this via social media.
  3. Answering Questions: As of 2016, please send your questions to
  4. ReTweeting and RePosting: We’ll repost on Facebook and ReTweet on Twitter the things you share on the #ASNJ hashtag. Share pictures, stories or comments with us. We love to hear from you!

What you can do
  1. Post YOUR Special Announcements: Did you participate in an ASNJ event recently? Are you volunteering for an ASNJ event? Did you visit a museum today and want to share your experience? Tell us about it! If you attend an event, please tweet your pictures with hashtag #ASNJ
  2. Ask Questions: The best way to get in contact with ASNJ is through our contact email, posted on the homepage of our website. Feel free to ask questions about content you see posted online.
  3. Take Pictures: Send us your artifact pictures! Every month, ASNJ will post a picture of an artifact. Please include a brief description of the artifact and a photo credit. Please include any known context information associated with the object. Send your submission to the ASNJ Webmaster/Social Media contact at include “ASNJ” in the subject heading.
  4. Support ASNJ: You may purchase back bulletins and swag from ASNJ’s website. You can also become a member for $25 a year ($20 for students); these funds cover the cost of events and publications.
  5. Volunteer: We always need volunteers! Upcoming opportunities will be posted on social media, while a running list of upcoming projects will be available on the website. As an ASNJ member, you will have the opportunity to volunteer on excavation projects and other ASNJ events throughout the year. We greatly appreciate all help we receive.
  6. ReTweet and RePost: We encourage you to share ASNJ’s social media content but we respectfully request that you not re-share our content for commercial purposes.