On April 15, 2004, New Jersey Governor James E. McGreevey proclaimed May as New Jersey’s archaeology month in celebration and promotion of New Jersey’s rich and diverse cultural resource heritage. Archaeological sites are a non-renewable resource and each offers, in its own way, a window into the past from a certain perspective. Through proper excavation and analysis of archaeological sites, the archaeological and historical community is able to continuously shed new light on our collective cultural heritage.

The Governor’s proclamation recognizes the importance of archaeology and archaeological research in discovering, interpreting, and enriching our understanding of the state’s Pre-Contact and historic past. Through his proclamation, Governor McGreevey also honors the countless cultural contributions of the state’s Native American, African, European, Asian, North American, and, more recently, South American inhabitants. Through archaeology, we are able to study the individuals and their cultural practices that collectively make us who we are as New Jerseyans today.

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