ASNJ Research Grant Guidelines

Since its inception in 1976, the ASNJ Research Fund has provided grants for radiocarbon (14C) assays. This program has been quite successful, and 14C dates obtained as a result of these awards have significantly enhanced our understanding of New Jersey’s prehistoric and historic heritage.

The ASNJ has since expanded the scope of these awards to include a broader range of research-related activities. In addition to radiocarbon assays, grants may now be applied towards floral and faunal analyses, mineral and material analyses, ceramic, lithics and soil analyses, among others. Analytical procedures, such as thin-section, x-ray defraction, and spectrographic analysis will also be considered.

Funding may likewise be obtained for archaeological reporting and special publication, for survey and mapping, collection research, and site or artifact documentation. Included are the costs of typing, photocopying, computer services, illustrative drawings, photography, microphotography, video-documentation, filming, material costs, and editing.

The ASNJ Research Grant is intended to aid otherwise unfunded archaeological and scientific inquiry, but may not be solicited to supplement funded (contract) archaeology projects. To be eligible, the applicant, whether individuals, research group, or ASNJ Chapter, must complete an ASNJ Research Grant Application. The Completed Research Grant Application must be submitted no later than June 30th of any given year. All applications will be reviewed by the ASNJ Research Committee and/or specialists enlisted by the Committee. The Committee will make its recommendations to the ASNJ Executive Board, whose decision will be final.  The ASNJ is under no obligation to grant an award each year. Awards, based on the merits of the application, will be announced at the January meeting of the ASNJ. Each applicant will be notified by mail immediately thereafter.


The applicant(s) must be a member of the ASNJ. As a condition of the ASNJ Award, the recipient of the grant must agree to make the results of his/her funded research/analysis available to the membership in the form of a brief report or article suitable for publication in the Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey and/or the Archaeological Society of New Jersey Newsletter. Standard information, e.g., laboratory name and number of the sample, date, cultural significance, and/or other pertinent data must be included. The recipient will also agree to give appropriate recognition to the ASNJ in any and all publications in which the funded research is to appear.

14C dates will be fully funded, but for other research projects, the ASNJ will advance 80% of the Research Award at the onset of the project, and the remaining 20% after an acceptable report of the funded research is received. At least one year may elapse before a grant recipient may again be considered for an ASNJ Research Award. The numbers and Amounts of the awards (up to $750) are contingent upon money available in the ASNJ Research Fund.

The ASNJ Research Grants Committee is chaired by Jack Cresson.